Transient lingual papillitis – case report
[Abstract in English]

Paulo Ricardo Martins Souza, Rodrigo Pereira Duquia, Fernanda Mendes Götze, Ana Letícia Boff, Manoela Beatriz Martins


AIMS: To describe a case of transient lingual papillitis in order to familiarize health professionals with this condition.
CASE DESCRIPTION: A man of 34 years of age had since childhood bouts of painful papular lesions on the tongue. The anatomopathological examination of one lesion showed chronic papillitis.
CONCLUSIONS: Transient lingual papillitis is a painful inflammatory disease of the fungiform papillae, which has its onset in childhood, progresses in spurts, and may be accompanied by pain or discomfort. Although it is common, is an understudied condition.


Tongue Diseases; Case Reports


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Available in: 06/07/2020

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