Abdominal wall defects: study of cases attended by the Fetal Medicine Outpatient Service of Hospital São Lucas da PUCRS [Abstract in English]

Caio Coelho Marques, Carla Milan, Pedro Luis Zanella, Gustavo Steibel, Marcela Godoy Dias, Paula Vasconcellos Golin


Aims: To analyze cases of abdominal wall malformation of the Fetal Medicine outpatient clinics between 1995 and 2006, describing treatments and outcomes and comparing our results to data available in literature.
Methods: This is a retrospective, longitudinal study of patient chart and protocol filled up during patient pre-natal follow-up. All patients who received pre-natal care and gave birth at our institution from 1995 to 2006 were included.
Results: 551 cases of fetal malformation were followed. Among these, 35 presented abdominal wall defect. Average maternal age was 23 years. The majority (51.4%) was primigravid. In 82.9% of the cases, a cesarean section was performed, and the remaining 6 vaginal births were of still born fetuses. The mean newborn weigh was 2.120 g, the mean gestational age was 35 weeks and mean Apgar scores were 6/8. Seventeen patients received immediate intervention by the pediatric surgical team.
Conclusions: The importance of the diagnosis of fetal malformation is exemplified by the opportunity to plan the birth, to identify early intra-uterine complications, and to be able to send the patient to tertiary care centers, where an adequate treatment and multidisciplinary assistance can be offered.

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