Acute effect of the antioxidant drug U-74389G on hematocrit levels during hypoxia and reoxygenation injury in rats

Constantinos Tsompos, Constantinos Panoulis, Konstantinos Toutouzas, Aggeliki Triantafyllou, George Zografos, Apostolos Papalois


Aims: This experimental study evaluated the effect of the antioxidant drug U-74389G on hematocrit levels using a rat model of hypoxia and reoxygenation following an established protocol.

Methods: Forty rats with a mean weight of 231.875 g were employed in the study. Hematocrit levels were determined at 60 min (groups A and C) and at 120 min (groups B and D) after starting reoxygenation. Groups A and B received no drugs, whereas U-74389G was administered to rats from groups C and D. 

Results: U-74389G administration significantly increased hematocrit levels by 4.73%±2.25% (p=0.0435). Reoxygenation time increased hematocrit levels non significantly by 3.96%±2.29% (p=0.1025). U-74389G administration combined with reoxygenation time significantly increased hematocrit levels by 3.16%±1.33% (p=0.0196).

Conclusions: U-74389G administration, whether it interacted or not with reoxygenation time, significantly increased hematocrit levels in the short term in a rat model of hypoxia and reoxygenation.


hypoxia; reoxygenation; hematocrit; U-74389G; models, animal.

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