Behavior of viral hepatitis C in patients from hemodialysis program from Hospital São Lucas da PUCRS [Abstract in English]

Fabiane P. Callegaro, Carlos Kupski, Roberto C. do Nascimento, Virgínia M. Schmitt


Aims: To evaluate the prevalence of antibodies
against hepatitis C virus in patients undergoing hemodialysis
and to investigate the present condition of 71
patients who participated in a study conducted at the same
hemodialysis unit from 2000 to 2002.

Methods: Patients seropositive for hepatitis C virus (anti-HCV reactive) were identified among those undergoing hemodialysis at Hospital São Lucas da PUCRS in
May 2006. Seventy-one patients who underwent hemodialysis
from a previous study (2000-2002) of prevalence of HCV were also studied. These subjects were followed through medical records. The results were described and compared with the literature.

Results: I May 2006, among the 70 patients undergoing hemodialysis at DU-SLH, 7 (10%) were anti-HCV
reactive. Regarding the 71 patients from the 2000-2002
study, 24 (33.8%) still attend São Lucas Hospital, 12 (16.9%) undergoing hemodialysis and 12 (16.9%) after renal transplantation. Twenty two patients (31%) have dyed, the majority of them due to cardiovascular causes. Twenty five (35.2%) patients are no more in contact with the Institution.

Conclusions: Anti-HCV prevalence detected among patients undergoing hemodialysis in May 2006 was
significantly different from that observed in the 2000-2002
study. Apparently, hepatitis C infection had no influence
on the mortality or prognosis of anti-HCV positive patients
from the 2000-2002 study, once the major registered cause
of death was cardiovascular problems.


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