Effects of concurrent training and dietary advice in lipodystrophy and their impact on adherence to treatment for HIV/AIDS: a case report

Danielle Coutinho de Medeiros, Carla Glenda Souza da Silva, Hunaway Albuquerque Galvão de Souza, Rafaela Catherine da Silva Cunha de Medeiros, Jason Azevedo de Medeiros, Tatiane Andreza Lima da Silva, Elys Costa de Souza, Paulo Moreira Silva Dantas


AIMS: To describe the body changes associated with lipodystrophy of a man with HIV/AIDS, after a program of concurrent training and dietary advice, and their impact on treatment adherence.

CASE DESCRIPTION: A male patient, 48 years old, sedentary, was diagnosed 13 years before as HIV positive. An intervention was performed with concurrent training and dietary advice. The body composition and virological and immunological response to exercise were evaluated, and had satisfactory results.

CONCLUSIONS: Concurrent training proved to be an effective method as adjuvant therapy for patients in the highly active antiretroviral therapy, improving the lipodystrophy and the adherence to treatment.



DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15448/1980-6108.2014.1.15910


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