ABEC blog releases study published in Scientia Medica


A study assesses decision-making ability of elderly people with depression before and after treatment

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Prof. Dalmo Correia Filho defends greater appreciation of Brazilian journals


Dalmo Correia Filho, Editor of the Journal of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine (RSBMT) is concerned about the policies regarding scientific publications in national journals. "It is a fact that regulation and appraisal organs that classify national scientific journals put enormous pressure over graduation courses (masters, doctorate and post-doc), requiring that, in order to be better appraised and qualified, and the researchers must publish in international journals. The impact factor is simply what is being considered, while research supports is in general drastically reduced”, he regrets. “Researches published in national journals cannot be inhibited. On the contrary, they should be validated and valued. And courses cannot be harmed for this”, says the editor.

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ATTENTION - Submission of review articles is restricted to invitations.


Scientia Medica is not receiving submissions of review articles. 

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New guidelines in 2015

Small changes in guidelines that authors should observe before sending papers  
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Work published in Scientia Medica receives award

Regional Council of Nutritionists of the Second Region confers Maria Lourdes Hirschland Award 2012 to a paper published in Scientia Medica.  
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Changes in the guidelines for authors

Scientia Medica is publishing a new text with guidelines for authors.  
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II BRISPE Joint Statement

II BRISPE launches Joint Statement on research ethics.

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