Scientific production in Pos-Graduated Stricto Sensu Gerontology Programme at Catholic University of Brasilia in its 12 years of existence

Vicente Paulo Alves, Lucy Gomes, Gisele Soares Mendes, Maíra de Oliveira Valadares


Objetives: Investigate the scientific production developed under the Post Graduated Stricto Sensu Program in Gerontology (PPGG) at the Catholic University of Brasilia (UCB), taking into account teachers and students, since the program’s creation (2003) until 2014.
Methods: Documentary, with consultation to the archives of the Academic Secretary of the Post-Graduation at UCB, taking the data reported to the annual CAPES through the Coleta (by the year 2012) and the Sucupira platform (from 2013).
Results: 193 dissertations were defended in the period 2004-2014, which turned into 1,102 bibliographic productions, including publications in periodics, books, chapters and work presentations, among others, averaging more than 100 annual productions. The teachers were productions of 1774, with an annual average above 161 productions.
Conclusions: The program has been reached large number of publications. Continuous effort should be made, jointly between teachers and students, in order to reach increasingly higher quality publications, disseminating them in journals classified as A in the Qualis CAPES, in order to significantly contribute to the expansion of knowledge in the field of Brazil’s Gerontology.


Aging; Gerontology; Post-Graduate Stricto Sensu; Scientific production.


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