Effect of different 1% chlorhexidine varnish regimens on biochemical composition of the dental biofilm

Luciana Gazaniga Maia Ribeiro, Marisa Maltz, Lina Naomi Hashizume


Purpose: This investigation evaluated in a randomized controlled study the effect of different 1% chlorhexidine varnish (1%CHX-V) regimens on biochemical composition of the dental biofilm.
Methods: Subjects with mutans streptococci ≥ 10 exp5 CFU/mL saliva, were allocated into 4 groups: A) single 1% CHX-V application; B) 1% CHX-V was applied once daily on 3 consecutive days; C) 1% CHX-V was applied 3 times with an interval of 4 days between each application; and D) placebo varnish was applied once daily on 3 consecutive days. Dental biofilm samples were collected at baseline and 1, 4, and 8 weeks after the final varnish application and evaluated for inorganic phosphate and insoluble polysaccharide concentrations.
Results: No difference was observed between all groups during the different experimental periods in relation to biochemical composition. After 1 week, a significant increase was observed in inorganic phosphate concentration, returning to baseline values after 4 weeks. All groups showed a significant decrease in insoluble polysaccharide concentration for more than 8 weeks after treatment.
Conclusion: Varnish application resulted in modification of the dental biofilm toward a less cariogenic one.


Chlorhexidine; dental biofilm; inorganic phosphate; insoluble polysaccharide

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