Comparative assessment of the flow rate of root canal sealers

Norberto Batista de Faria-Júnior, Santiago Massi, Hugo Ricardo Croti, José Carlos Rivas Gutierrez, Fábio Roberto Dametto, Luis Geraldo Vaz


Purpose: This study evaluated the flow rate of the Acroseal, AH Plus, Endomethasone N, Sealapex, and ActiV GP according to the standards of the ISO specification 6876/2001.
Methods: A volume of 0.05 mL of the cement mixed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations was placed on a glass plate. At 180±5 s after the commencement of mixing, the second glass plate was placed on top of the sealer, followed by the weight of mass approximately 100 g to make a total mass on the plate of 120±2 g. Ten min after the start of mixing, the weight was removed and the value of the diameter of the compressed disc of sealer was measured. The mean of three such determinations for each sealer was taken as the flow of the material. The mean values were compared using ANOVA and Tukey’s tests.
Results: The results obtained were: Acroseal 21.24 mm, AH Plus 22.72 mm, ActiV GP 24.90 mm, Endomethasone N 18.76 mm, and Sealapex 25.15 mm.
Conclusion: Only the Endomethasone N did not conform to ISO Specification that requires that a sealer shall have a diameter of not less than 20 mm. The Sealapex achieved the greatest flow, but it did not differ from Activ GP and AH Plus (P>0.5).


Flow; dental materials; root canal sealers

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