Condylar hyperplasia treated by simultaneous orthognathic surgery and high condylectomy: A case report

Miguel Angelo R. Sheffer, Alexandre Corso, Marcos Augusto Tomazi, Marcelo Carlos Bortoluzzi


Purpose: This paper reports a case of severe facial asymmetry secondary to condylar hyperplasia (CH), which was successfully treated by simultaneous high condylectomy and orthognathic surgery, and also reviews the literature concerning the current approaches for treating these combined conditions.
Case description: A 34 year-old female patient reported complaints of unsatisfactory facial appearance, pain over her left condyle, and poor chewing function. Clinical examination showed unilateral elongation of the face, facial asymmetry, and increased vertical height of the mandible creating a mild open bite with dental compensations. A 3D Computed Tomography exam showed a severe elongation of the left condyle, indicating the possibility of CH. The treatment included orthodontic corrections of the dental compensations, orthognathic surgery, high condylectomy removing 10mm of the left condyle height, and articular disc repositioning without anchor placement. The orthognathic surgery included bilateral mandibular ramus sagittal split osteotomies to correct the mild Class III dentofacial deformity and the mandibular planes. A follow-up evaluation after 24 months showed good aesthetic and functional results. No changes in occlusion were noted, indicating very stable results using this technique.
Conclusion: Condylar hyperplasia usually produces facial asymmetry, and in certain cases both high condylectomy and orthognathic surgery are necessary to correct the dentofacial deformity.
Key words: Hyperplasia; temporomandibular joint; surgery, oral


Hyperplasia; temporomandibular joint; surgery, oral

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