Survival and factors associated with mandibular overdenture fractures with immediate loading

Cleice Luizi da Silva, Danielle Bezerra de Farias, Maria de Fátima Trindade Pinto Campos, Laércio Almeida de Melo, Maria Angela Fernandes Ferreira, Adriana da Fonte Porto Carreiro


OBJECTIVE: Survival rates of mandibular overdentures on two implants retained by bar-clip system with immediate loading and the factors related to fractures was analyzed.
METHODS: Twenty-three subjects were followed for 32 months. Fracture occurrence was the outcome variable, while the thickness of denture base, maxillomandibular space and masticatory efficiency comprised the independent variables.
RESULTS: The survival rate was 49.5%, with 34.7% of fractures. There was no association between the independent variables and fractures.
CONCLUSION: So, the risk of mandibular overdenture fractures with immediate loading is high. Furthermore, masticatory efficiency, thickness of the denture base and maxillomandibular space did not influence the incidence of fractures.


dentures; dental prosthesis; dental implants; immediate loading.

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