Analysis of the radiopacity of endodontic sealers using a digital radiograph system

Gilson Blitzkow Sydney, Monica Ferreira, Denise Piotto Leonardi, Marili Doro Deonizio, Antonio Batista


Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate the radiopacity of some endodontic sealers using a digital radiograph system.
Methods: The endodontic sealers tested were: AH-Plus, N-Rickert, Endofill, Óxido de zinco e eugenol (OZE), and Intrafill. Six cylindrical-shaped specimens (1x0.5cm) were fabricated with each material and stored at 37ºC and 100% relative humidity for 72h. Each specimen was placed at the central area of the sensor of the digital system Kodak RVG 5000, and the X-ray cylinder was positioned perpendicularly at a 5cm-focal distance with time of exposure of 0.05s. The digital image software was used to measure optical density in pixels of the specimens at their central area and at the right and left sides. Data were analyzed by ANOVA and Tukey test (α=0.05).
Results: There was a statistically significant difference of radiopacity among the tested materials, except for the comparison between Intrafill and Endofill. The level of radiopacity in ascending order was: ZOE < Endofill = Intrafill < N-Rickert < AH-Plus.
Conclusion: The digital radiograph method was sensitive to detect differences of radiopacity among the tested endodontic sealers.
Key words: Endodontics; endodontic sealers; radiopacity


Endodontics; endodontic sealers; radiopacity

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