Radiographic assessment of the quality of dental restorations and their relationship with periodontal radiographic changes

João Henrique Parise Fortes, Felipe Guarda Dallavilla, Camila Tirapelli, Plauto Christopher Aranha Watanabe, Ana Caroline Ramos Brito, Christiano de Oliveira-Santos


INTRODUCION: The quality of dental restorations can be directly related to the maintenance of periodontal health. Particularly in relation to the contour of interproximal restorations, radiographs allow the assessment of possible excess or lack of proximal contact of restorative materials.
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the frequency of adequate and inadequate restorations, the type of restorative material and the relationship of these parameters with periodontal alterations.
METHODS: One hundred digital panoramic radiographs were evaluated, with interproximal restorations being observed on these examinations, classifying them according to the material used and the quality of interproximal restoration and the presence of periodontal alterations. The
possible correlation between these parameters was evaluated.
RESULTS: The frequency of adequate restorations was 48% of restored proximal surfaces. Among the inadequate restorations, 46.2% and 53.8% were over-contour and lack of proximal contact, respectively. The restorations were metallic in 64% of cases.
CONCLUSIONS: Over-contour were more common among metal restorations and lack of proximal contact was more frequent among non-metal restorations. The presence of restorations was associated with increased prevalence of periodontal alterations.


Panoramic radiograph; Alveolar bone loss; Permanent dental restoration; Dental restoration failure

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