Evaluation of complications in postoperative of thirdmolar extraction

Morgana Marielle de Almeida Costa, Layane Maria de Sousa, Leonardo Alonso de Moura


OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to analyze parameters such as the presence of trismus, facial swelling, postoperative pain, paresthesia of the inferior alveolar and lingual nerve, alveolitis, late bleeding and correct use of prescribed medications. Relating the complication rates with age, gender and proper use of medications prescribed.
METHODS: This study evaluated 20 patients who have gone through removal of third molars, using questionnaires applied by researchers in the postoperative period of seven days in the graduate and professional qualifications Pós-Doc center from April to May/2015.
RESULTS: It was observed that 45% of the patients had pain, 45% had trismus, 15% had paresthesia, 85% had late light bleeding, 5% had fever, malaise or discharge from the surgical site and 45% had facial swelling.
CONCLUSION: The more frequent complications found were pain and late bleeding, with no association between pain and gender and pain and age.


Third molar; Complications; Postoperative

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