Comparison of bacterial leakage between Epiphany and AH Plus sealers using single cone and Tagger’s hybrid obturation techniques

Patrícia de A. R. da Silva e Souza, Priscilla Rocha Affonso, Antônia Benedita Rodrigues Vieira, Ana Claudia Braga Amoras-Alves, Talita Tartari, Mario H. da Silva e Souza Junior


Purpose: To evaluate and compare, by means of bacterial infiltration, the quality of sealing obtained by Tagger’s hybrid (TH) and Single Cone (SC) techniques, in association with AH Plus/Gutta-percha (AH) and Epiphany/Resilon (ER).
Methods: Palatal roots of 70 maxillary molars were instrumented and divided randomly into six groups: G1, TH/AH; G2, SC/AH; G3, TH/ER; G4, SC/ER; G5, negative control; G6, positive control. The roots were sterilized and monitored for 56 days to detect bacterial leakage using Enterococcus faecalis. The data were subjected to Binomial test (α<0.05) to compare the infiltration among groups and Kruskal-Wallis test (α<0.05) to analyze the infiltration as a function of time.
Results: All positive controls leaked within 24h; none of negative controls leaked. There was no influence of time on leakage. Individual comparisons showed that there were no influences of the techniques and filling materials on quality of root canal sealing. Significant difference was found only between G1 and G4 (P=0.0229), the G1 showed a lesser and G2 the higher quantity of infiltration.
Conclusions: It could be concluded that none of the groups was able to prevent bacterial leakage and the lowest ability to prevent infiltration was obtained when applied SC/ER to filling the canal.


Bacteria; Dental materials; Endodontic; Root canal obturation; Dental leakage.

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