Odontogenic infections: severe complications associated with diabetes mellitus

Angelo Luiz Freddo, Fernando Vacilotto Gomes, Carlos Alberto Medeiros Martins, Guilherme Genehr Fritscher, Marcos Antonio Torriani


Objective: Ludwig’s angina is a severe form of diffuse cellulitis occurring in the cervicofacial region, with aggressive characteristics that systemically affect the patient and can lead to death. Disease
severity is due to the formation of extensive laryngeal cellulitis, which evolves to edema of the glottis and consequently acute respiratory obstruction. The rapid progression of infection and
the establishment of a severe general medical condition requires fast diagnosis and adequate management in order to improve prognosis.
Case Report: This paper describes two cases of Ludwig’s angina in patients with diabetes mellitus treated at public hospitals in southern Brazil, with a focus on clinical characteristics, disease
evolution, and treatment.
Conclusion: Depending on the patient’s systemic conditions and the kind of established treatment, it may guide the diseased prognosis. One of the patients had a favorable outcome, whereas the other developed mediastinitis and died.


Ludwig’s angina; soft tissue infections; cellulitis; diabetes mellitus; mediastinitis;

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