The work and the Minotauro: the constant transformations of a permanent conflict

Paulo Roberto Wünsch, Carlos Nelson dos Reis


The article discusses some aspects of the contemporary changes in society starting from an analysis of the structural crisis of capitalism at the end of the ’1960s and beginning of the ’1970s, which impacted the theoretical debate about the implementation of economic policies as well as the organization and operation of the production structure. Those changes resulted in the shift of the theoretical framework for the definition of economic policies from a Keynesian theoretical orientation to a neoliberal one. They also stimulated the rearrangement of the production base because of the production-related and financial costs, which reoriented the accumulation process. The article tries to show how this globalization of markets and restructuring of production had objective and subjective effects on the world of labor.


Labor; Capitalism; Restructuring of production.

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