Representações dinâmicas e distribuídas: indícios do português brasileiro adulto e infantil

Eleonora Cavalcante Albano


This paper argues for dynamic distributed representations
of phonological units and categories on the basis of analyses of the
following sets of Brazilian Portuguese data: phonotactic biases in the adult
lexicon, phonotactic biases in a child acquiring the liquid class, and covert
phonological distinctions in a group of children diagnosed as phonologically
impaired. Together, the three data sets support the emergence of
abstract phonological categories from lexical phone frequencies as a result
of the interaction between articulatory dynamics and phonotactics. The
fact that most phonological information is neither punctual nor local has
important implications for language acquisition, a number of which are
discussed throughout the paper.

Palavras-chave: léxico, dinâmica, fonologia, aquisição, fonotaxe.

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