Importance of interstitial cystitis diagnosis in chronic pelvic pain [Abstract in English]

Michael G. Zimmer, Everton Z. Carvalho, José A. P. Noronha, Edson V. Cunha Filho, Christina P. Oppermann, Thais G. dos Santos


Objective: This article highlights the importance of
including IC on the list of possible diseases, which have
chronic pelvic pain of bladder origin, and suggests its
adequate investigation, diagnosis and treatment.

Sources of data: Nonsystematic review using Medline
database articles.

Summary of the findings: In patient with chronic
pelvic pain have to suspect of interstitial cystitis when,
associate the pain, to exist the complaint of urgency,
frequency mictional increase. The investigation to have
cistoscopy, potassium testing and urodynamics.

Conclusion: The interstitial cystitis is a chronic
disorder of urinary tract lower. No have medication curative
for this pathology, but one treatment of relief symptoms
can to provide improvement in quality of life.


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